At-Home Beer Festival Kit

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We figured that since the beer festival season is cancelled, why not bring the fun home?

Beer festivals are a great way to discover beers you may not have tried before, so we've created an experience where you can not only explore brands and styles, but also support and celebrate local breweries.

Recommended number of participants: Up to 6 friends

Value: $300

What's in the kit
  • An exciting and unique selection of beer from local breweries - a mixture of 30 short/tall cans and growlers.
  • Beer passports to rate and comment on the beers in the kit
  • Table mats to keep your beer samples and tasting notes organized
  • Folding tent cards to identify your beers
  • Numbered folding tent cards to mark your stations
  • 4oz sampling cups
  • Snacks
  • Coasters
  • And lots more!